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Housing & Community Development Citizens Advisory Committee

Committee Housing & Community Development Citizens Advisory Committee
Enabling Legislation BOS Resolution No. 75-2275, dated December 9, 1975; BOS Minute Order dated December 17, 1985 BOS Minute Order Dated June 16, 2009
Membership 19 Members
Term Specifications • Three years
Compensation Mileage reimbursement for travel to meetings and application site visits
Duties Reviews all public facility and infrastructure improvement projects from the unincorporated area and makes annual funding recommendations to the BOS. Also makes recommendations to the BOS regarding revisions to the Consolidated Plan, annual Action Plan, and the Citizen Participation Plan and provides comments on housing programs and issues.
Qualifications • One (1) person appointed from each of the following unincorporated areas: Auberry-Tollhouse, Biola, Calwa, Cantua Creek, El Porvenir, Caruthers, Del Rey, Easton, Friant, Lanare, Laton, Malaga, Riverdale, Squaw Valley, Tranquillity, Fresno-Metro Dist. 1, Fresno-Metro Dist. 2, Fresno-Metro Dist. 3, Fresno/Clovis-Metro Dist. 4 and Fresno/Clovis-Metro Dist. 5.
Meeting Schedule As needed
AB 1234 Ethics Training Pursuant to Government Code Section 53235, if any local agency provides any type of compensation, salary, or stipend to a member of a legislative body or provides reimbursement for actual and necessary expenses incurred by a member of a legislative body in the performance of official duties, then all agency officials shall receive training in ethics.
Oath of Office Not Required
Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) Required
Contact Jonathan Avedian (559) 600-4292
2220 Tulare Street, 8th Floor Fresno, CA 93721


Position Members Appointed Date Term Expires Districts
Biola Area Zavala, Margaret A 4/23/2019 1/3/2022 District 1
Calwa Area(metro) MacDade, Cecelia Elaine 8/6/2019 1/4/2021 District 3
Cantua Creek Area Fernandez, Leticia 4/9/2019 1/3/2022 District 1
Easton Area Ruiz, Sue 4/9/2019 1/3/2022 District 1
Tranquillity Area Eubanks, Keith 4/9/2019 1/3/2022 District 1
Caruthers Area Barber, David 1/8/2019 1/3/2022 District 4
Del Rey Area Pauley, Donald F. 1/8/2019 1/3/2022 District 4
Lanare Area Solorio, Isabel 4/23/2019 1/3/2022 District 4
Laton Area Velasco, Consuelo 3/12/2019 1/3/2022 District 4
Malaga Area Murrieta, Henry 4/9/2019 1/3/2022 District 4
Riverdale Area Romero, Vincent 2/12/2019 1/3/2022 District 4
Auberry-Tollhouse Area Vacant 2/26/2013 1/4/2021 District 5
Friant Area Vacant 12/5/2006 1/4/2021 District 5
Squaw Valley Area Vacant 4/25/2017 1/4/2021 District 5
Committee Member Finley Sr., George A. 4/9/2019 1/3/2022 District 1
Committee Member Kalhammer, Max C. 6/20/2017 1/4/2021 District 2
Committee Member Vacant 1/29/2019 1/4/2021 District 3
Committee Member Sahota, Narinder "Nick" 4/9/2019 1/3/2022 District 4
Committee Member Chaney, Kyle 9/26/2017 1/4/2021 District 5