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Reedley Cemetery District

Committee Reedley Cemetery District
Enabling Legislation Health and Safety Code, section 9000 et seq.
Membership Three Members
Term Specifications Four years, staggered terms; Terms expire 1st Monday in January
Compensation $100 per meeting; maximum $400 per month
Duties A district may acquire and hold title to property for cemetery purposes. A district may maintain a cemetery or cemeteries limited in use to burial in the ground of residents or taxpayers of the district that purchased lots or plots while residents or taxpayers of the district or members of their families. Families shall be limited to a spouse, parents, grandparents, children and brothers and sisters
Qualifications • Each appointee shall be a voter in the District (falls within District).
Meeting Schedule
AB 1234 Ethics Training Pursuant to Government Code Section 53235, if any local agency provides any type of compensation, salary, or stipend to a member of a legislative body or provides reimbursement for actual and necessary expenses incurred by a member of a legislative body in the performance of official duties, then all agency officials shall receive training in ethics.
Oath of Office Required
Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) Required
Contact William Conrad (559) 638-2731
2185 S. Reed Reedley, CA 93654


Position Members Appointed Date Term Expires Districts
Board Member Tabutol Jr., Maurice N. 1/12/2016 1/6/2020 District 4
Board Member Dale, Kenneth C. 1/31/2017 1/4/2021 District 4
Board Member Llewellyn, Michael Thomas 1/23/2018 1/3/2022 District 4