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Assessment Appeals Board

Committee Assessment Appeals Board
Enabling Legislation State Constitution, Article XIII, Section 16; Revenue & Taxation Code § 1620 et seq.; and Fresno County Ordinance Code § 2.64
Membership 5 members
Term Specifications 3 years, beginning on the first Monday of September
Compensation $50 for up to four hours or $100 over four hours, plus mileage and parking
Duties Sit as the Board of Equalization to hear appeals of property assessments for the County of Fresno
Qualifications 1. Minimum of five years’ professional experience in California as one of the following: a. certified public accountant or public accountant, b. licensed real estate broker, c. licensed attorney, d. property appraiser accredited by a nationally recognized professional organization, e. licensed property appraiser certified by the Office of Real Estate Appraisers, or f. property appraiser certified by the State Board of Equalization.
Meeting Schedule Monthly, except May and June, as scheduled by the Appeals Board and the Clerk to the Board of Supervisors
AB 1234 Ethics Training Pursuant to Government Code Section 53235, if any local agency provides any type of compensation, salary, or stipend to a member of a legislative body or provides reimbursement for actual and necessary expenses incurred by a member of a legislative body in the performance of official duties, then all agency officials shall receive training in ethics.
Oath of Office Required
Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700) Required
Contact Lisa Craft (559) 600-3529
Hall of Records 2281 Tulare Street, Room 301 Fresno, CA 93721


Position Members Appointed Date Term Expires Districts
Member Vacant 8/21/2018 9/6/2021 District 1
Member Smith , Rick P. 9/24/2019 9/5/2022 District 2
Member Keller, Michael E. 12/4/2018 9/6/2021 District 3
Member Shepard, Jeff 10/31/2017 9/7/2020 District 4
Member Hamilton, David 10/8/2019 9/5/2022 District 5